Del Antonio

a writer of emotions

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#Gayshit #inconsistent #single4ever
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Dudes kill me always saying oh my bad “I was busy”
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Another Upcoming Project is the short story compilation book “Love Doesn’t Hurt, People Do”… It’s 11 short stories of homosexual couples all dealing with their own unique issue.
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My first full fiction book is titled “Confessions of a Drone”… now if you know anything about the honey bee colony, you know of the various types of bees. There is one bee that sole purpose of existing is to fuck. (Reminds you of how gay men act right). Well Dante Brown takes us on a journey through his extreme sexual behavior. Each chapter is a different encounter. The first chapter is available to be read at - Upcoming Projects - Confessions of a Drone
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If you are wondering what I’m working on - visit my site and click on Upcoming Projects!! The next poetry book I’m releasing is called BadBoi/GoodHeart. Visit to find out what it is about.
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Roller Coaster
©Del Antonio

And here we were 
At your roller coaster
Excuse my lack of excitement
Or my lack of attempt to care
But there was nothing new
About going up and down
Screaming and yelling too
There was nothing pleasing 
About feeling queasy
I watched you lead me here
And I had rode these rides before
So pardon me not having any fear
I was tall enough to ride your ride
And I had eyes
Built to cry
But you wasn’t worth my tears
You wasn’t worth another year
This ride, this roller coaster with you 
Naw, I’m threw
See I know what happens when I take a seat
I know the effect it will have on me
This is nothing new
Your pain is nothing new
This ride is nothing new
This roller coaster is nothing new
I almost laughed in your face
You lack originality babe
See I heard that lie
And I held on to that promise
I felt the kisses
I heard you say you want me
But baby I had been through amusement parks
Way more severe then your little start
Your attempt to roller coast me
I had been through all kind of rides see
And just because I was big enough to ride
And had tears that could cry
Didn’t mean I want this with you
That I want this all
So here’s your wristband
Fuck your roller coaster 
I’m going home
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I’m just going to stay single and wrote poems 😔