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Poem: I Fucking Miss U
(I Miss Fucking U)
©2013 - Del Antonio
I fucking miss u
Naw I miss fucking you
Lets not pretend
We only provide a means to an end
And it was great
I let you be great
I let you unleash your beast
It was taboo the way we freak
We left rules at the door
And we both agree
More is more
It was nothing you wouldn’t do
Submitting to me the king
Your body I ruled
I owned 
My possession
I traded u 
Physical  pieces of heaven
It was beyond calculus
The way I calculate 
The inch by inch
Invite of my dick
Inside you
Scientist think
There has to be a logical reason for this
How we fuck so good
And never kiss
But we’re animals
Inside the flesh
We attack each other’s body
It’s for the best
A little disrespect in the sex
All pun intended
Yea I mean it
It was 4 in the morning I think
But my dick was hard as a rock
You miss how I use to feel
I love being your top
Your daddy your king
Your sexual fiend
I fucking miss u
Well really 
I just miss fucking u
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If you like my paintings follow my IG page that is solely nothing but my paintings @delantonio_paintings
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Painting I did yesterday
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On Mondays we work LEGS!!!
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Another self portrait I did of a buddy of mine
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A self portrait painting I did for one of my biggest supporters!
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I saw this drawing and had to do a painting of it! #KimandKanye
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One of my poems from Cupid’s Got A Gun
Complicated Friends ©2013- Del Antonio
Friends that fuck
Lovers that can’t be
I keep trying to identify us
But I can’t find anything
We have strings
But there’s no commitment
We’re not obligated
But we share our secrets
It’s complicated
Wouldn’t you agree
Your the friend I love to fuck
Anything more we just couldn’t be
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I can’t wait for this album!
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My painting of the Boondocks